We learned a staggering fact on our visit to the South Rim of The Grand Canyon… Did you know, that out of the 5 million annual visitors to the Grand Canyon that only 5% of them ever venture below the rim of the canyon? Nuts, we know! 

It may be hard to imagine that the views in the canyon could possibly get any better than they are from the top of the rim, but descending below gives visitors the chance to experience the canyon on a whole new scale. We promise you won’t truly be able to gauge how massive the Grand Canyon is until after you clamber down into it.

While some people may tell you, there’s no such thing as a bad hike, we would like to respectfully disagree. Not all hikes are created equal and some are inarguably better than others, most of which is determined by what exactly it is you personally like. We’re, spice of life people so naturally variety is our jam. We like to mix it up, so chances are you’ll find something to suit your style on our best of the best list for hikes along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Trail:


We figured why not start with the obvious. Chances are if you’ve mentioned to anyone you’re planning on going hiking in the Southern region of the Grand Canyon someone has taken you by the shoulders shook you, and insisted that you hike the Bright Angel Trail… ok so maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but we’re certain you’ve at least heard of it. Which also means so has everyone else.

The Bright Angel Trail is without a doubt the most popular hike along the South Rim, and there are really good reasons for that. Firstly, it’s easily accessible from the Visitor’s Center parking, you get a lot of incredible views on the way, and it’s not terribly difficult by Grand Canyon standards, however, when you consider what you walk down you have to walk back up, nothing is particularly easy by Grand Canyon standards.

South Kaibab Trail:

Lookout, personal bias coming your way- we love this trail and could easily tell you it’s the best hike in the Grand Canyon, but you’re going to have to try it out for yourself to decide!



Unlike the Bright Angel Trail, the South Kaibab Trail is located slightly further Westward along Desert View Drive, and in order to get there you have to ride the park bus, this means less people funneling onto the trail, which also means fewer crowds.


The views along the South Kaibab trail are just as if not more incredible than those along the Bright Angel Trail, and although it’s also a mule trail, the likelihood of you getting stopped by one of these trains is slim, although not impossible. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch our video on hiking the South Kaibab Trail, you’ll see what we mean!

Hermits Rest Trail:

Since we couldn’t avoid adding the most popular hike in the Grand Canyon to this list, we thought it only appropriate that we add the least popular as well. It probably seems a bit odd to find the least popular hike in the park on a list titled, “ The BEST hikes in the Grand Canyon” but be patient and let us explain.


The Hermit’s Rest trail is intense, and not for the faint of heart. If you are not comfortable hiking down and then back up a very, very steep grade, with numerous narrow trail ledges, then this hike is most certainly not for you- for these same reasons, this hike is certainly not for quite a few people, which is why it is so rarely used! However, if you’re looking to really, and we mean, really put your legs to work, and be rewarded with some of the most epic views in the park, then this is a trail not miss!

The truth is no matter what trail you choose to do in the Grand Canyon, chances are you won’t walk away disappointed, but we can almost promise you, you won’t if you hop on one of these three! Happy trails! If you found this link helpful, let us know, drop us a comment, and get social with us! 

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