As hard as it may be to believe Thanksgiving is already here, for those of us in the good ole’ US of A! Happy Thanksgiving American friends!

We are so thankful for you! Your presence here and your support means the world to us. It’s hard to fully put into words what an incredible community of dreamers, doers, and explorers we’ve found here! So thank you! Thank you for being you, being here, and doing what you do!

For most of us, with every Thanksgiving comes a boatload of gratitude followed directly by a day filled with avarice, and insane spending and buying. Hello Black Friday! Don’t get us wrong, we love to give and receive, but after living tiny for almost a year now, we’ve gained a keen understanding of what it is we actually need.

If you’re like us, you don’t own a money tree. Over the years we’ve learned that its better to give one good long-lasting meaningful gift, than a dozen pieces of let’s be honest- junk.

We’ve tried and tested a lot of gear to fuel and enhance our adventures. And we’d never share a product we didn’t use and believe in! So we’ve thrown together This gift list to help you take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for the adventure traveler in your life!



Bote Inflatable Paddle Boards

Paddleboarding is one of our favorite modes of transportation. From the Bahamas, all the way to Alaska if there’s a body of water nearby chances are we’ve paddled it! Having inflatable paddle boards has been the key to making all those adventures happen. These Bote boards are built super tough to take on any environment, and roll up to fit into t a take-anywhere size, and don’t even get us started on all the amazing add ons BOTE makes so you can customize your board!

Don’t let the price scare you. When it comes to inflatable SUP’s you get what you pay for, and these boards are worth every penny!

Must have Accessories:

If you’re going to buy an inflatable paddleboard don’t skip buying an electric air pump to go with them! Owning one of these puppies will save you time and energy better spent on the water!  BOTE makes their very own brand of this product, but to save a few dollars we decided to experiment with BLANK brand and we have loved it! It’s as simple as plugging it in, setting your desired PSI and pressing start. With a convenient auto shut off, you don’t need to worry about hanging over the board while it inflates.




Bubba Blades Filet Knives

Water to plate, that’s the Bubba Lifestyle. If the adventurer on your list is into fishing, we can promise you this- this is the filet knife they never knew they needed, and will put you at the top of their favorites list for snagging them one of these amazing products! Bubba’s approach to sustainable living combined with their no-slip grip handle technology and high carbon stainless steel blades make them the absolute perfect gift for the adventurous fisherman in your life. We would never own any other filet knife. True story.

Must have Accessories:

Bubba Blade recently released it’s very own line of apparel, built tough for adventure! These items are made from ultra-soft sustainably harvested bamboo, and they make the perfect accessory for the fisherman on your list! 


Relaxing at the dungeness lighthouse

Insulated Reusable Drinkware

Single-use plastics are bad, for people and for our planet. By using a reusable water bottle, coffee cups, etc. we can reduce our impacts on our beautiful earth and reduce our exposure to icky chemicals. These reusable drinking products are among our favorites and have been working hard for us over many, many adventures.


Portable Battery Bank

We live in a super-connected world.  It seems like everything these days needs a charge, cell phones, cameras, watches the list goes on and on. There is nothing worse than getting caught without a charge mid adventure when you need one. These handy dandy travel chargers are compatible with almost any device, and pack a big energy punch to keep you action-ready when and where you need it!



Raw Elements Reef Safe Sunscreen

The underwater world is an amazing place to explore, but what many underwater adventurers may not be aware of is that the sunscreen they’re using to protect themselves from harmful UV rays may, in fact, be damaging the precious corals that call the ocean home. Reef safe sunscreen is any sunscreen that does not contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene. Reef safe sunscreen is a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys the sea. It’s a gift you can feel good about giving!




Reusable Plastic Bags

While we’re on the topic of gifts that you can feel good about giving. Here’s another awesome way to reduce single-use plastics and keep the adventurous traveler in your life fueled up while on the go.  These reusable plastic bags are a go-to for us, they are a lightweight way to carry snacks with us, and can be washed and used time and time again. We’ve tried lots of brands but Pine Beach is by far our favorites!



Go Pro *

GoPro Action Camera 

Cameras can be a very personal thing, while we all have a different idea of what works and what doesn’t the one thing all adventure travelers can agree on is that fragile doesn’t work. We need gear that is as rugged and tough as we are. Gear that can stand up to anything, and that is exactly what you get when you buy a GoPro. While most people associate GoPros as the King of action cameras, what you might not know is that it is also an excellent device for taking still and burst photos, in crisp and vibrant colors. Small enough you can toss them in your bag and bust them out for discreet use when needed and versatile enough to come with a thousand and one creative accessories they really are the do it all device!

Must have Accessories:



Kahtoola Traction Devices

Finding yourself on an icy surface without the proper footwear is a thing adventure nightmares are made of. It’s just no good. While there is plenty of traction footwear on the market, there’s none better than these Kahtoola Microspikes. From and icy day in the Grand Canyon to hiking glaciers they’ve never let us down. Keep your adventurer safe with this lightweight easy on easy off traction wear!



Audible Logo


Audible Subscription

Give the gift of inspiration on the go, that takes up exactly zero space in your traveler’s life! For those of us always on the move, sometimes sitting down to read a book isn’t always the easiest task. With an audible subscription, listeners have access to over BLANK books on demand. Reading is as easy as pressing play!



Snapseed 2.JPG

Smart Watches

Everyone needs a watch but sometimes choosing the right watch to fit your lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do.  We both love our watches while completely different brands and styles they both have amazing features that make them one of the items we never leave the house without.  If you’re shopping for a rugged and extreme outdoorsman or women we suggest the Fenix 5x Saphire edition. This watch can do just about anything from scuba diving to climbing the highest peaks!  If you’ve got someone on your list who has an affinity for Apple products because they are intuitive and stylish while syncing with all our other devices than look no further then the apple iWatch.  


Christmas Card

Need more ideas? Take a trip over to our Gear + Gadgets page for a full list of items we use and love to power our travels and adventures!

In the spirit of giving and gratitude, if you’re shopping on Amazon or REI this holiday season or any season for that matter please consider clicking through the links on our website first. After doing so when you purchase ANYTHING from these sites we get a small commission percentage at no cost to you! That commission helps us maintain this site, and be able to continue sharing our adventures with you!



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