It’s here! It’s finally finished, I’m so excited! It’s been nearly 4 months since our epic road trip through Puerto Rico, and we’re still reeling from the amazing moments, people, and places we encountered there! Today, I am super duper excited to share with you all our Puerto Rican adventures condensed into 3 minutes- if that seems like a nearly impossible feat you’re right it almost was.  As an experienced photographer my photo editing skills are fairly solid, but videos, whew, that’s another animal entirely! But it’s finished and it’s posted  for you to watch, and enjoy! Click the pic of our cute iguana friend to watch!


Now let’s get honest for a minute about the magic of cinema. Everytime we watch one of our videos we get to relive all the magic moments from each trip, and we love it! But what we and you don’t always get to see are the honest to goodness, silly, exhausting, and real-life moments that made the trip what it was. And there are ALWAYS a couple of moments here and there of pure stupidity that get caught on film. Sometimes I wish we could be those people who show off our pretty pictures, sell you a fantastic tale, and convince you that travel to any destination is a shiny neat flawless package- one you should buy right now. But,yeah. That’s just not us. We’re not into fluff, and we want to share with you honestly the goods, the bads, the greats, and the things that make us go, “eh” about a destination.

Even before we caught our flight home, we both jokingly laughed that the most adventurous thing we did on the island was drive. Seriously the driving there is INSANE! We had a lot of good laughs over it during our trip, so it was no surprise when we started to review the footage that so, SO much of it was all about the driving. One short video just wasn’t enough. So we doubled up.  It’s bonus time boys and girls! Here’s a slightly less magical, yet entirely hysterical bit of footage for your viewing pleasure. Fair warning, there are some potty words, and some bumpy driving. Also to let’s address the video elephant here and now… 1) No it wasn’t me, seriously 2) Most of Puerto Rico, did not smell like that. It’s a lovely place, and you should go….watch the video, you’ll understand.

Ready to laugh, give the photo a click…


For more on our trip to Puerto Rico and all the info you need to plan your own visit click, here.



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