As our time in Puerto Rico wound down and we headed back to San Juan and our flight home we just couldn’t resist one last adventure on our way!

Before leaving the States we had heard an awful lot about Crash Boat Beach- everyone kept saying how much fun it was, and that we just had to make it a stop. The day we pulled our trusty rental Corolla out of Rincon and started on the road back to San Juan WAS NOT  a beach weather day. Dark clouds rolled in from the sea but after having missed out on the lighthouse at Cabo Rojo, there was no way we weren’t stopping at Crash Boat.


Despite the weather when we arrived at the beach it was slammed with people, doing as Puerto Ricans do, having a blast at the beach and eating lots and lots of yummy foods.

When in Rome… we casts our eyes away from the incoming storm and joined them! We jumped from piers into the warm blue waters of the Caribbean, checked-out the famous colorful boats the beach gets its name from and sipped on Coco Frio ( ice cold coconut water directly from the coconut)

Our timing was perfect, which is rare- and just as we hopped into the car the down pour started.

Fortunately as we rolled on down the road to what would be our final stop, we left the rain behind us.

There are a lot of places for the savvy explorer to stop on the road between Rincon and San Juan- we had a hard time deciding on just one but we both agree that stopping at Los Cuevos De Los Indios was a good decision!


From what we gathered as we drove through the area, there are spots where you can pull in and pay to explore the area, to be specific these caves get their names from the native petroglyphs carved into them, when you pay to see them you’re money is going to conservation, thats a super good thing. We were short on time and while we would have loved to have seen the carvings we just weren’t sure it was a reasonable expectation for us on this visit. Instead we found a random pull off next to a closed restaurant that was literally on the beach. From there it was just a short walk to the the exposed rock formations that we came to see!


We scrambled climbed and clawed up the exposed limestone formations ( these are sharp, if you go be careful) and when we reached the top were rewarded with the most incredible views of the sea crashing against the rocks. The wind whipped and drowned out all the noise of the world around us and in the silence we breathed and reminisced on our perfect trip to this unexpected island.

When we finally arrived back in San Juan, it was bittersweet. Our time in Puerto Rico was over, but we would be taking with us a lifetime of memories!

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