Map Airplane Travel Postcard

We’re not big into stuff.

We’d rather have one really good quality item than 30 cheap versions of the same thing.

But inevitably, every year as the holidays roll around friends and family start to ask one big scary question; “What do you want for Christmas”? Oh the horror.

Generosity, is not something you want to toss to the side lightly, the ask because they really care. How can you possibly say, “nothing” without 1) frustrating the hell out of someone who is bound to get you something anyway 2) being rude.

We get that we’re not the easiest people to shop for. We’re picky, and don’t really want or need  much. We also get that we’re not alone in this! We get more question than you can imagine about the products we use and love, and if we have any suggestions for gifts for people just like us… and we do!

So without further blabbing, here are 18 amazing products sure to bring a smile to the face of the adventurous traveling soul on your list!

For The Outdoor Adventurer:

Luci Lights– If there is one product we use and love more than anything we’ve ever purchased for our adventure van it is without a doubt our Luci Lights. It’s a true love affair. Good for people and good for the planet. They’re inflatable, collapsable, lightweight and 100% waterproof- think of all the places they can go! Their simple design makes them incredibly durable and versatile, and perhaps one of the very best parts is they’re completely solar powered! No batteries required!


Want an amazing deal on theses fabulous lights? Luci was kind enough to provide us with a 20% off code just for you! Visit their website, and use the code: VENTUREWILD

Foldable Backpacking Chairs– Its no mystery living and traveling in 80 square feet means that space is tight and you have to be very selective about what you fill that space with. For the longest time we had trouble finding chairs that were comfortable, but didn’t take up half of our interior when stashed inside, until then we found these- it was a miracle! Stylish, small, and insanely comfortable. They’re lightweight enough you can easily toss them in your backpack for a day at the beach and conveniently fit in the small compartments in the van’s interior!


Park Passes– We think Park Passes are so worth the investment that we wrote an entire post about them (coming soon to a blog near you). What better gift to give a lover of the great outdoors than access to them! Our favorite pick on this list, is the National Parks Access Pass, but there are plenty of options to suit anyone on your shopping list!

For The Water Lovers:

Hawaiian Sling Spear– Want to know what’s better than going to the store and buying fish  or lobster? Catching it yourself! There is nothing better than fresh seafood. Whenever we wander down to the Florida Keys we love to grab our own fresh catch, and this Hawaiian sling spear makes it even easier! Bonus points as it also comes in handy as a shark deflector when necessary- although that’s rare, and we love our finned friends!


Overboard Waterproof Backpack– We love the water, no mystery there. What doesn’t love the water is all our electronics. Just imagine that  you’re off on an island adventure only to have your very expensive camera gear get soaked- how bad does that suck? Well it doesn’t have to! We’ve been toting around this waterproof backpack for quite awhile now and we can promise you that not only does it do its job, it looks pretty cool doing it too!


Funky Fun Pool Floats–  This might be a little ridiculous, but who doesn’t need some ridiculousness in their lives?! The answer is everyone. We had a blast with these floats on our trip to Ginnie Springs, and we’re willing to bet whoever you give one of these to, you’re bound to get a big ole smile in return! There are so many options from fancy flamingos, parrots, to pineapples and pelicans. They’re just awesome!

pool float

For The Craft Beer, Cocktail, And Coffee Lovers:

Bartender Tool Home bars are cool. They aren’t ideal for those of us on the go though. This little tool packs an amazing punch, think of it like the Swiss Army knife of bartending! Complete with 10 tools in one,  they’ll have everything they need to step up their mixology game on the go!


Coffee Pot And Drip Filter–  Life without coffee is well simply speaking just not life, or at least that’s how we see it. If you have someone on your list that feels the same way then they’ll love this cute little drip filter and matching pot.

Hydroflask Pint Glasses– We spend a lot of time in tropical climates, we like our weather hot but our beer ice cold, and these insulated Hydroflask Pint Glasses do just that for us! It may be hard to imagine that something as simple as a pint glass could change so much!

For The Neat Freak:

Black and Decker Lithium Vacuum– If it seems weird to give a vacuum as a gift, that’s because it is, but if you’ve got an adventurous spirit in your life with a tidy soul then there is nothing more that they’ll love than this powerful little vacuum. It’s or go to for the van and we absolutely love, love, love it!


Scrubba Bag– There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a trip, sniff testing the remains of your wardrobe and deeming all of it unfit for human interaction. The scrubba bag solves that problem and then some. Check it out, it’s genius, a tiny dry bag you can fill with soap and water with a built in washboard. It unique, it’s packable, and oh so cool!


Travel Steamer– The second worse thing when it comes to a travel wardrobe being dirty is it being unwearable due to wrinkles. We like variety in our travels and sometimes that means hiking during the day and fancy dinner and drinks at night. This little steamer works better than an iron at getting out the kinks from clothes when the occasion calls for something sharper!


For The Jetsetter:

Passport Wallet–  Organization is awesome, especially when you’re carry documents you can’t lose- things like passports, and plane tickets. Coming from people who have lost both, I promise you it’s not something anyone wants to have happen. This passport wallet is designed to hold it all in one space, making navigating airports, train stations, and customs a breeze!


Packing Cubes– These might just be the best gift you could give to anyone who travels a lot. This little cubes can be used in all kinds of ways- our personal favorite is to pack them up by activity or day so that way we’re certain we never forget a thing!


Electronics Organizer– The hours we have spent searching for that one cord, that connects to that one box thingy to charge that one specific electronic that we needed before we got our hands on this organizer are unmeasurable.  Help keep it simple, and stuff some stockings with these handy dandy organizers!

electronics organizer

For The Givers:

There’s nothing we love more than a company that does good and gives good back to the world. If you’ve got someone on your list like that well than these two might have just what you’re looking for!

Pura Vida Bracelets–  Bracelets are cool. Bracelets for charity are even cooler! Shop Pura Vida’s charity line and help make a difference this holiday season. Use the code VentureWild20 and receive 10% off your entire order!


Waterlust Products– Companies that support marine science education and research are companies we can get behind, plus they make some pretty amazing products! A personal favorite are their whale shark warrior leggings, perfect for yoga, and or a day on the water!


Disclaimer – These are all items we own and use, and love. Absolutely no one has paid us to create this post or to be included in it. All photos are directly from product listings on where the items can be purchased, are from the manufacturers websites or are of our own creation. All items can be purchased through the blue highlighted links and some are associated with our Amazon affiliate listings or other affiliate sites. Thanks for browsing, and reading.  As always, thanks for your time and presence. 


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