There were three big things we got really, really exited about when we started researching Puerto Rico, and visiting the rainforest was one of them!

imageMt. Britton Tower- El Yunque National Forest

Dj generally thinks I’m nuts,  i’m generally a pretty prepared person ( even for things most people don’t think to prepare for)… So it was a funny moment when we rolled up to our rainforest accommodations, El Escondido Guest House 30 minutes after rolling out of Old San Juan. So much for a road trip!

No worries, things worked out exactly like they always do! Turned out the guest house was more than we could have ever dreamed of, allowed us to spend a whole day adventuring like kids in the rainforest and saved us a bundle while hanging on the East Coast of the island.

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest within the US Forest Service’s system. It’s a must see when you visit Puerto Rico! There are eighteen beautiful trails to choose from, and after a full day of exploring we only checked off three of them!


imageOn a clear day you can see for miles from the top if the Mt. Britton Tower


We spent the majority of our day splashing in our own private waterfall in paradise, a local secret, Nike from the guest house tipped us off to!





Before we left El Yunque we just had to see the famed La Mina falls- we saw, and we saw all the people, and we left-a little too many bodies in a very small space for us!


The absolute most important thing to remember when visiting El Yunque is that as National Forests go, it’s small and its located on an island, parking is sparse, and visitors are plenty. For the best experience go early!

Our visit to El Yunque was everything we imagined and more. If you’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico, or are just a really big fan of wild and wonderful waterfalls, than pack your bags, and get going, you’re going to love it!

The most insane part of our visit you ask? The driving, seriously- these people are… bold. If you want a laugh check out the our how not to video, the driving is just ridiculous!

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