Lobster Kit

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  • Lobster net: helps reach limit. Sturdy frame, rubber handle grip, and wrist loop. Large gauge netting snares. Measures 15″”x14″”x24″” with a 4.5″” handle
  • Tickle stick: to coax lobster out of hiding. Premium kit includes a 36” aluminum tickle stick with bent end to get behind lobsters. Value kit includes a 36” fiberglass tickle stick WITHOUT BENT END
  • Lobster gauge: gauge with 3 inch cutout section matching Florida’s minimum carapace measurement for lobster harvest
  • Bright orange gloves protect your hands while fishing, spearfishing or hunting lobster/lobstering. Gloves are vinyl. Top pick for lobsters
  • Mesh bag: reusable mesh bag for holding your catch during the dive. Then rinsing, drying and storing the Equipment after the dive


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