Welcome To Our House!

Yep, it may seem a bit odd or even slightly crazy but we call this 35 foot Keystone Cougar, home sweet home and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


We put a lot of thought and consideration into finding just the right rolling home for our adventure and there were moments when we thought we’d never find just the right one, but when we stumbled across the Keystone Cougar 311RES we knew it was the perfect home for us.

Looking for specifics on why we chose the Cougar 311RES? Check out this post on how we chose the perfect RV, and tips on how you can too!

The Magic Is In The Details:

35 feet isn’t an awful lot of space to call home, but the smart design of the Cougar allows us to have all the little luxury comforts that turn our rolling house into a home, with a king sized bed, double fridge, endless windows (a surprisingly hard thing to find in an RV), heated fireplace, and undercarriage storage that seems to go on for days, we have actually found we have more space than we need, which can be a very good problem to have when living small.


 Full Specs:

This all get’s a bit technical, but if you’re interested in all the in-depth manufacturer’s details for our rolling home here ya go…

  • Length: 35 ft 6 in

  • Height: 12 ft 6 in

  • Sleeping Capacity: 6

  • Fresh Water: 81 gal

  • Gray Water: 76 gal

  • Waste Water: 38 gal

  • Liquid Propane Gas: 60 lbs

  • Shipping Weight: 10287 lb

  • Carrying Capacity: 2113 lbs

    How We Get From Place To Place:

Meet Nanuk, our Diesel Ford F250 Super Duty, and the way in which we move our home from place to place. Armed with a B&W Companion Slider Hitch, this trusty truck easily takes us anywhere, and everywhere we want to go!

Living, working, and traveling in 35 feet of space isn’t always the simplest of tasks, but a life filled with adventure is a life well lived in our book! Are you dreaming of hitting the road on your own adventure? Tell us your story, and say hello!

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