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Hi! We’re Kate & DJ, travelers, adventure seekers, and salty souls. We have been traveling full time for the past 4 years, and in that time, we’ve had some big adventures, and our fair share of misadventures along the way! 

Like most good stories our starts with falling in love, takes some silly and entirely unpredictable twists, and ends with a cliffhanger (we’ve been known to make that last part literal) 

Having been around the world and back we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Venture wild is a place for travelers, explorers, and anyone with an adventurous dream. Whether you’re planning your next trip or just dreaming about adventure, hang with us- inspiration abounds! 

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Little bits of where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Catch our most recent adventures here!

Homer Alaska: Getting Hooked On Halibut

Homer Alaska: Getting Hooked On Halibut

  If there’s one thing we learned on our travels throughout Alaska it’s that no two towns are alike. Homer, Alaska is no exception to that rule, in fact, it might even be the town that sets the standard for different.     We’re never keen on picking...

Good Times In Girdwood, Alaska

Good Times In Girdwood, Alaska

  Girdwood Alaska, a small town that often gets overlooked by visitors for bigger adventures nearby. For a lot of Alaskans, Girdwood is a winter destination, known for the massive amount of snowfall (an annual average of 218 inches) and the Alyeska Ski Resort,...

15 Tips For Traveling The World And Making It Out Alive!

1. Learn to laugh instead of cry.

Things will go wrong, that’s a guarantee, but how you approach it, is your choice. 

2. Get Lost, Purposefully.

The best experiences are waiting just outside your comfort zone.

3. Always Pack A Bathing Suit. 

This just might be the most important of all. Are you paying attention?


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Our Top 10 Sites to See

1. Swimming With Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean reaching lengths up to 40 feet (12 meters) and weighing in . . . 

2. Road Tripping Down the Baja Peninsula

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is a land like no other, filled with dusty road, massive cacti and home to some of the best wildlife . . .

3. Cruising Through The Panama Canal

Over 1 million vessels have transited this man-made wonder of the world, getting a chance to be among them is . . .

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