Today is Christmas Eve, can you believe it? We’re only 7 days away from the start of a fresh new year!

One of the most magical things the holiday season provides is the opportunity to sit down with friends and family, over good food, and tasty beverages and reflect on your year- and although it happens every year, we’re always amazed at the incredible moments we have shared and experienced and most of all we are grateful.

There are so many things we could rattle on about being grateful for, in truth one of the biggest things we’re all wrapped up in fuzzy warm gratitude for is you. Yeah, you! 


While you may not realize it, every comment, share, follow, like, click and the million other ways you support us makes a huge difference. Because although this is our journey, its also yours. When we started this website, we didn’t do it with the idea of making money, and we certainly didn’t do it with the idea of becoming some version of famous internet-arians ( so thats a word right?). We did and do all this simply to share, connect and inspire. Your support means that we’re doing just that, and that our friends makes us happy. Very, very happy.

So in this post you’re not going to get our usual, “Hey check this out…” or “Isn’t this destination amazing”, you’re simply going to get a huge, sincere, and deeply heartfelt THANK YOU. Without you, we wouldn’t be us. Happy Holidays guys!

Wishing you many merry moments this season and all others!




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