Welcome To The Adventure!

Welcome to Venture Wild! We’re Katie and Dj and couple of full time travelers, on the road exploring North America in search of the best hikes, bites, and adventures that are out there- and sharing our discoveries along the way!

Like most good travel stories ours starts with falling in love, takes some silly and entirely unpredictable twists, and ends with a cliffhanger- we’ve been known to make that last part literal. Having been around the world and back, we wanted to share our stories, photos, endless laughter, and moments that makes us go, “hmmmm…” with all of you!

Life is just one big adventure. Venture Wild is a place, for the doers, explorers, dream chasers and anyone who has a travel itch.

Whether you’re planning your next trip, or just dreaming about an adventure, hang with us- inspiration abounds!

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